The Venerian Calendar is somewhat alike the Gregorian Calendar, although a few minor changes are noticeable in the Venerian Calendar. You can view the Venerian Calendar below.

The Venerian Calendar was created by the Kalnuur, and accepted by the people of Venera to be the official calendar of Kalgranoon.

Days of the WeekEdit

Alike the Gregorian Calendar, the Venerian Calendar consists of seven days. The days of the week, along with their Gregorian equivalents are shown below.

Days of the Week
Gregorian Venerian
Monday Lunraas
Tuesday Turaas     
Wednesday Mecraas    
Thursday Ioraas
Friday Firaas
Saturday Sumraas
Sunday Liraas

Months of the YearEdit

Unlike the Gregorian Calendar, the Venerian Calendar consists of seven months, instead of twelve. They are as follows...

Name of Month Days
Suns Blossom 30
Sau’cea’s Tail 30
Lilyath’s Sorrow 30
Kalin’s Welcome 30
Veldoran's Gift 30
Jeezela’s Seed 30
Nights Wither 30

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