The Three Travelers is the collective name given to Kalin, Veldoran, and Sau'cea. These three are the ones responsible for creating the three Primary Races; The Kalnuur, Vasil, and Saurians. The three are highly praised and treated with the utmost respect. The Three Travelers all have a very prominent part in Kalgranoon culture.

The Lukaza took over Gods Peak and dedicated it to the Travelers. They created a chapel there and called it The Chapel Of The Three Travelers. The Chapel was one of the most famous monuments in all of Venera and was treated with great respect.

At the end of the Second Era, the Three Travelers left Mahnuj to separate Karkien from Kalgranoon once and for all. Their whereabouts are currently unknown, but some believe that they are trying to seal a leak of arcane energy caused by their departure from the outside.

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