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The Realms of Kalgranoon
2013-05-18 12.51.02
Founders: The Trio
Website: TROK Website
Opened: July 15, 2013
Status: Released
Age: The Third Era

Welcome to The Realms Of Kalgranoon's wiki, Here you can learn all about this fantastic role-play server's lore and history. Below you will find a table of contents regarding many of the server topics. Click on what you want to read or learn more about it could not be any more simple!

CURRENT SETTING: The Dawn of the Third Era

Official Trailer

The Realms Of Kalgranoon Official Trailer

The Realms Of Kalgranoon Official Trailer

Table of Contents

Below you will find links to all pages from lore to game mechanics.

Continents of Kalgranoon
Lore and History
Places of Interest
Guilds and Organizations


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